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Try WebAPI on M100 (set up)

Download "demoWebSite.zip"

ZIP Directlink

Unzip on your desktop

Copy unziped folder into M100 or MicroSD card which inserts M100

(Note: create "dconnect" and put "demoWebSite" folder this time.)

You need to set up M100 partner app on your Android device.
to set up Android Screen Manager on your PC to use touch pad and vertual keyboard.

Start "Browser on M100"

In case of MicroSD card,
you can reach below web page.

Click "Download APK"

Click "Device Connect Manager"

Click "Install"

Click "complete"

Click "Android Host"

Click "Install"

Click "Complete"

Click "Launch UI-App"

Click "Check"

Click "OK"

Move to "setting"

※If status "ON", click "OFF / ON" to change "OFF"

Check "Allow External IP" to access from external device

If unckeck "Local Auth" it is not necessary to click "accept" each access.

Click "OFF/ON" on Device Connect Manager to "ON"

Click "Check"

Click "OK"(Manager is running on process)

Connect Wi-Fi and same segment between M100 and browser on other divice.
Click "Setting" to see IP address of M100.

Click "Host"

Showing your IP address of M100

Operate browser on other device in same network segment.

Open "index.html" in folder which copied from PC.
Recomment use "Google Chrome"

Add "IP address of M100" after "index.html"


Coming up alert.

Click "Serch Device" then Click "Host"

If not shown, it is not connecting with M100.
Confirm Firewall setting or Wi-Fi Router setting.

Click "mediastream_recording"

Click "Preview"

video streaming from M100 is on your browser.

You can try other functions.